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Tutoring Built For Student Achievement

We Build Our Tutoring Programs With One Goal In Mind: The Academic Success of Every Student

The Skills to Achieve

Our support programs not only help students build content mastery of grade-level concepts, but also provide the skills and strategies necessary for success beyond tutoring — including critical thinking skills, rigor, and deep analysis of text or word problems.

Individualized Support

All response to intervention support is custom-built to the needs of the school and its students. We believe in a personalized approach to improving student achievement by tailoring curriculum, content, and teaching to student and campus needs.

Data-Driven Results

Our programs are aligned to measurable goals for student success. We track student mastery level by objective, monitor student progress daily, build comprehensive student behavior and performance reports, and comply with Title I and other programs. Tutorials are driven by data and tracked in detail to support students in their academic success.

Assessment & Feedback

Communication and collaboration is an essential component of any intervention program. Daily lesson notes and student feedback, detailed progress reports, parental involvement activities, and school staff collaboration allow us to track and report all aspects of the program in real time, resulting in targeted and more effective support for your students.