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About Us

About Us

1 to 1 Tutoring is based in Mesa, Arizona, and has been tutoring K-12 students in reading, writing, and mathematics since 2004. We have provided in-person, one-to-one, and small-group tutoring to 6,519 students (3,089 in math and 3,430 in reading and writing). We have vast experience creating and launching high-quality tutoring programs quickly—hiring state-certified teachers, ensuring all tutors are background checked and fingerprinted, enrolling students, meeting with parents to discuss student goals, pre-assessing students to determine their skill gaps, tutoring according to mutually-agreed upon schedules, creating and distributing monthly progress reports, and adhering to rules and laws (state, federal, local, school district, and school).

Since 2017, 1 to 1 Tutoring has been an approved tutoring provider by the State of Arizona to provide “Statewide Tutoring.” Under this statewide contract, we have provided tutoring to thousands of Title I, K-12 students in reading, writing, and mathematics in the state of Arizona, specifically in the Phoenix Metro area. This program has allowed us to hire and maintain a staff of hundreds of Arizona state-certified teachers. This program has also given us rich experience in launching and maintaining successful tutoring programs to the specifications of each unique school/district we partner with. We are one of only five vendors approved to provide Statewide Tutoring in Arizona.

1 to 1 Tutoring has provided tutoring across 5 states:

  • Arizona: Chandler Public Schools, Deer Valley Public Schools, Create Academy, Synergy Charter School, Champion Schools, Pioneer Academy, Step-Up, Eagle College Prep-Mesa, Mesa Public Schools, Academia del Pueblo, Changemaker High School, St. Mary Basha Catholic School, Sage Academy, Mexicayotl School, Hope High School, Intellischool, and Victory High School.
  • Iowa: Des Moines Community School District and Davenport Community School District
  • Nebraska: Omaha Public Schools and Lincoln Public Schools
  • Oregon: Portland Public Schools, Medford Public Schools, Springfield School District, and Hillsboro School District
  • Washington: Evergreen School District and Vancouver Public Schools

1 to 1 Tutoring is a proud Arizona- based company. We take the time to focus our curriculum, planning, training, and programs on content important to the needs of the schools we serve here in Arizona. We understand that all schools, communities, and students are unique with different sets of challenges. As such, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and don’t rely on just one model as the means to improve student success. Rather, we work to understand the needs of your individual school, the concerns of each teacher working with your students, and the strategy we must apply to each individual student to help them succeed. Our ability to integrate our services seamlessly into the culture and processes of your school allows us to design programs to support students at the appropriate level for their specific grade that is targeted, data-driven, and responsive to the student’s and school’s goals and needs. As proud Arizonans, we take southwest hospitality to heart. It is important for every team member to build meaningful relationships with your team so we can best support our schools and students, allowing us to meet the unified goal of helping to advance student education in the state of Arizona. Our true love of education and devotion to supporting the students, teachers, and administrators holistically on your campus, sets our programs apart and allow us to achieve the maximum impact on your student’s academic growth and achievement.