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Bilingual & ESL, Title III

Bilingual & ESL, Title III

Improving fluency of the English language and building new vocabulary while mastering foundational skills for success in reading, writing, math, or science are important for success in English Language Learners. Moving students toward mastery of grade-level objectives by first identifying and strengthening the root cause of concerns- weak foundational skills, low English fluency, or a combination of both- allows students to move toward mastery of grade-level standards in coordination with improving comprehension and language fluency. 1 to 1 Tutoring’s Bilingual and ESL programs are student-focused, personalized, and responsive to the need of each school and each student. Our tutors serve as an extension of your school- they are highly qualified, well- trained, and possess a deep love for education. Tutorials can be tailored for small- group push-ins within a teacher’s classroom, small- group pull-outs for deep intervention support, one- on- one support, after school programs, Saturday classes, or summer bridge programs.

Our language arts tutorial and intervention programs help improve student achievement by tailoring support to individual school and student need. We structure lessons that focus on three specific criteria:

  • Content mastery of the state standards: for public and charter schools or the school curriculum: for private/ religious schools
  • Content depth of knowledge- so students learn each concept deeply in order to make connections to multiple standards through and across grade levels
  • Concept evidence- where students learn to develop critical thinking skills by developing well- thought claims and justifying these claims using textual evidence
  • For English Language Learners, the emphasis is placed on improving the English Language while targeting grade-level content in parallel

The core of our instruction focuses on the gradual release model of student responsibility and peer tutorial techniques using inquiry that is rooted in research to improve foundational skills in content, enhance English language knowledge through the use of context clue strategies and vocabulary activities, improve the English reading levels of students, and advance students toward grade-level mastery of concepts and beyond.