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Private & Religious Schools


1 to 1 Tutoring offers Title I compliant tutoring services to private schools for nonpublic Title I students.

Some of the key features of our Title I Tutoring programs include:

Strategically planned, data-driven and personalized support are integral components of our tutorial support for private schools. 1 to 1 Tutoring’s intervention programs are student-focused, personalized, and responsive to the need of each school and each student. Our tutors serve as an extension of your school- they are highly qualified, well- trained, and possess a deep love for education.

Our tutoring and intervention programs are offered for Math, ELA (reading and writing), and Science- ensuring that our tutors can best support your students in critical course areas. In addition to our focused instruction on your school, state, or nationally aligned standards, we can also support Bilingual and ESL instruction and can help students prepare for Standardized Tests as a measurement of their achievement.

Tutoring can be tailored for small-group push-ins within a teacher’s classroom, small-group pull-outs for deep intervention support, one-on-one support, after school programs, Saturday classes, or online tutoring:

  • Through detailed daily session reporting, student progress reporting, clear and frequent school communication, and parent involvement, we help build a unified instructional program that involves all members of a student’s academic career, ensuring success throughout and beyond school.
  • Daily individualized student progress notes, content mastery tracking, and student math, reading, or science behaviors tracking allow for continued monitoring of student progress so that every session is targeted, efficient, and effective to maximize student understanding and academic growth.
  • Our reflective and focused approach to instruction means that every session is differentiated, meeting students at their appropriate ability level and moving each towards mastery of concepts.
  • Small group or individual instruction uses peer-tutoring, gradual release, and inquiry-based, instructional models aligned to teaching best practices and rooted in research.
  • Our instructional model ensures students improve and master foundational skills, develops deep student understanding, and moves students toward and beyond grade-level concepts.