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AzM2 Prep

AzM2 Prep

1 to 1 Tutoring has a proprietary AzM2 test prep program with proven results.

The AzM2 test is provided to students in an effort to measure mastery of concepts, however, students may not always demonstrate their complete content knowledge on these kinds of tests due to lack of analytical skills, test anxiety, time management, or other underlying issues. Research indicates that the utilization of standardized tests as a study tool can help improve student memory, so some focus on the critical thinking skills and strategies involved in taking these tests not only propels students forward academically but deepen their content knowledge as well. 1 to 1 Tutoring’s AzM2 test prep program is student-focused, personalized, and responsive to the need of each school and each student. We teach test-taking strategies and analytical reasoning skills alongside core concepts to improve academic ability, aligning lessons to the rigor of the test, and the expectations of the standards. Our tutors serve as an extension of your school- they are highly qualified, well- trained, and possess a deep love for education. Tutorials can be tailored for small- group push-ins within a teacher’s classroom, small- group pull-outs for deep intervention support, one- on- one support, after school programs, Saturday classes, or summer bridge programs and camps.

Our test preparation programs help improve student achievement by tailoring support to individual school and student need. We structure lessons that focus on:

  • Content mastery of the tested standards through the use of standardized released practice tests aligned to the rigor of the test, supplemental curriculum, and depth of instruction for each standard
    Pre-, mid-, and post-assessment tracking through the use of mastery trackers and student-produced analysis of the question and answer choices for a richer understanding.
  • Test preparation strategies and behaviors integrated into lessons targeted to the requirements of the individual test.
  • The core of our instruction focuses on the gradual release model of student responsibility and peer tutorial techniques using inquiry that is rooted in research to improve content knowledge and increase test scores.